D.R.A.W. School is at the forefront of consistent, realistic firearms training to meet the demands of today's departments. ​​
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​​LE Instructors from around the country are calling DSIT the best instructor school they have ever attended. See why!
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Law Enforcement D.R.A.W. School Firearms Training is the most comprehensive firearms training solution for departments and officers today. The acronym D.R.A.W. stands for "Drawing, Reloading and Aiming of Weapons." It is designed for the budget-conscience agency seeking to maximize its funding, save time and increase the level of training for its officers. The development of D.R.A.W. School was a collaborative effort between firearms instructors, Olympic team doctors, neurologists, and elite athletic trainers. It focuses on the use of proper body mechanics and ergonomics, understanding the relationship between physical and mental balance, and how to increase performance physically and mentally in a high-stress situation. D.R.A.W. School increases draw speed, threat recognition ability, accuracy, safety and decision-making capability unlike any other firearms training available. 

D.R.A.W. School

"21st-Century Firearms Training" 

                                                                               -Police Magazine, May 2016

Learn about the science and methodology behind D.R.A.W. School and why it is so effective for LE firearms training.​​

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