"BarrelBlok and MagBlok are not some gimmick! They are legitimate training tools designed to let officers go from a training session with their duty weapon to the street without having to break the weapon down."

​                                                          -Supr. Ofc. R. Bemis, USPO, Federal Firearms Instructor

BarrelBlok prevents chambering while maintaining full mechanical functionality of the firearm.

Every student that goes through D.R.A.W. School is provided with a BarrelBlok to ensure safety and realism during training exercises.

During the development of D.R.A.W. School it became apparent that in order to train to a higher level, officers would have to be able to train with their firearm in different environments. While there are many products on the market that could make a firearm safe for training, such as barrel plugs, none of them preserved the full mechanical functionality of the firearm. This meant that using such products would introduce training scars by causing the officer to perform functions with their firearm that would not otherwise happen in the real world. This was a huge issue for D.R.A.W. School curriculum. After an exhaustive search yielded no results, the development team set out to create the ultimate training tool with the goals of total safety, total realism and absolutely no training scars!

Input was sought from departments and instructors nationwide on what they would like to see most in a new training product. The two most requested aspects were that it had to be universal and it had to eliminate the need for disassembling the firearm to insert the device. The result is a product that is inserted through an open ejection port and into the chamber, preventing any round from being chambered. The tip that protrudes from the muzzle acts as a visual safety indicator and a draw height indicator. The rear of the device was engineered with an extractor ramp to act as an Out-Of-Battery indicator.  While this rendered the firearm totally safe, the issue of maintaining full mechanical functionality was another issue that had to be tackled.

The second part of the BarrelBlok training device is a magazine insert called MagBlok. It is inserted into the top of an empty magazine and performs two functions. First, it prevents slide lock by preventing the follower from engaging the slide stop level. Second, it allows the slide to be fully actuated just as it would be on the range or in a real world situation. Together, these two parts provide students and instructors 100% safety with their firearm, allowing them the ability to train in a totally safe, 360˚ environment. It provides 100% realism when it comes to performing every function with a pistol. From dry-firing and reloading drills, to  every type of malfunction drill, each process is duplicated with total accuracy. Best of all there are no training scars. The firearm operates mechanically in a training environment the same as it does in live-fire training. Departments around the country are now issuing BarrelBlok to all their officers and using them for all kinds of training exercises, especially active shooter training. Even the media has caught on to the fact that even though real guns are being used, they are 100% safe. For more information or to purchase BarrelBlok, visit www.BlokSafety.com.

BarrelBlok is a drop-in training system. No disassembly needed.