May 21-23          San Diego, CA           Rifle                     San Diego Sheriff's Dept.                       CLOSED         


Aug. 20-24         Washington              Handgun            To Be Announced                              COMING SOON!



Sep. 10-14          Wisconsin                  Handgun            To Be Announced                              COMING SOON!

Mar. 19-23         Atlanta, GA                Handgun            Fulton Co. Sheriff's Office                     CLOSED 

Feb. 12-16          Charlotte, NC            Handgun            D.R.A.W. School                                        CLOSED

Nov. 12-16          North Carolina         Handgun            To Be Announced                             COMING SOON!

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"In my 11 years of law enforcement, to include 4 years in the Marine Corps, I have never been more impressed and constantly engaged during a firearms instructor course. The realism, practicality, and top notch instruction far exceeded my expectations!"

                                                    -Sgt. W. Ferrelli, Bluffton Police Dept., Firearms Instructor

May 14-18          San Diego, CA           Handgun             San Diego Sheriff's Dept.                      CLOSED

Oct. 22-24          Syracuse, NY            Rifle                     To Be Announced                               COMING SOON!

Oct. 15-19           Syracuse, NY            Handgun            To Be Announced                              COMING SOON!

Mar. 26-28        Atlanta, GA                Rifle                     Fulton Co. Sheriff's Office                     CLOSED

Apr. 23-27         Polk Co., FL               Handgun            Polk Co. Sheriff's Office                         CLOSED