MASTERING MALFUNCTIONS- DRAW 3 is designed to give officers the confidence and know-how to immediately and effectively clear any type of malfunction they may experience with their firearm. From simple failure-to-fire malfunctions, to more complex double-feeds, students learn to recognize the kind of malfunction they are experiencing and the proper steps needed to clear it and get their firearm back on target.

D.R.A.W. 2

D.R.A.W. 3

MASTERING RELOADING- DRAW 2 is designed to train law enforcement officers on specific physical sequences to properly execute the reloading process in the quickest time possible. Without wasted time or movement, officers will gain the skills need to reload their pistol in a fast, safe and simple manner every time. From emergency reloads to tactical reloads, officers will gain the skills needed to keep their pistol up and running.

D.R.A.W. 5


MASTERING THE BASICS- DRAW 1 is designed to introduce law enforcement officers to the importance of proper body mechanics, ergonomics, physical balance and mental balance. When combined with the proper execution of the pistol draw sequence, officers will see their speed and accuracy increase dramatically. Officers learn to execute dynamic movement while drawing their pistol from a duty holster.

D.R.A.W. School handgun training is the core training program for law enforcement officers. It trains officers in both basic and advanced techniques, helping them to develop the skills needed for quick and effective use of their handgun. It is a 26-hour dry-fire training course that combines five, four-hour classroom sessions with twenty-five, fifteen-minute online sessions. The course should be repeated at least once per year. It blends the perfect balance of in-person instruction with flexible self-study and practical exercises. Officers start off with the basics, learning to master each step that increases their performance level. More advanced topics, such as shooting while being partially incapacitated, build confidence and operational know-how to perform in the most challenging situations.  

D.R.A.W. 4

"In my 11 years of law enforcement, to include 4 years in the Marine Corps, I have never been more impressed and constantly engaged during a firearms instructor course. The realism, practicality, and top notch instruction far exceeded my expectations!"

                                                    -Sgt. W. Ferrelli, Bluffton Police Dept., Firearms Instructor

D.R.A.W. 1

MASTERING THE GROUND- At any moment an officer could find themselves having to engage a target from the ground. Whether by choice or not, knowing how to properly engage from the kneeling, prone, supine or side positions is imperative. DRAW 5 takes officers through the process of lowering their entire shooting platform to various levels while maintain the full effectiveness of their shots. 

INCAPACITATED SHOOTING- Nothing is scarier than an officer having to defend themselves after bring shot or injured. Without the full use of a hand, an arm or a leg, a tough situation can quickly seem impossible. Officers learn techniques on how to quickly and effectively shoot and perform every function with their pistol with either hand. The high level of confidence gained will help officers stay in the fight and survive.