"We quickly realized that the methods developed and taught in D.R.A.W. School are far superior to the 'tried and true' methods utilized by most law enforcement agencies."    - Inv. D. Rivers, UIS


The development of D.R.A.W. School dates back to 2013 when a team of firearms instructors, Olympic team doctors, neurologists and elite athletic trainers came together to develop a better firearms training platform for law enforcement officers. This group was brought together by the forward-thinking idea that there had to be better, more effective way to conduct firearms training for officers, from the newest rookie to the most seasoned veteran. The reason for this idea was borne from the frustration experienced by instructors of having to go back and teach basic, fundamental skills during advanced training courses that every officer should know and be a master of.

Basic firearms training in most law enforcement academies is based on the traditional Fundamentals of Marksmanship, which have been the standard for many decades. While the fundamentals are certainly tried and true when it comes to teaching someone to shoot, they do not train officers to operate in the realm of dynamic environments. More than ever before, body cam footage of OIS incidents shows engagements are happening at varying ranges and at mind-boggling speeds. The truth of the matter is that the basic firearms instruction taught at most academies struggles to get officers beyond the basics and into more advanced techniques. Yet, it is these advanced techniques that provide the skills needed to win on the street today. Even for departments that do manage to get their officers into more advanced training, if those techniques are not practiced on a regular basis, the ability to correctly execute them in a high-stress situation diminishes rapidly. 

Even more important during the development of D.R.A.W. School was the recognized need to help veteran officers, many of whom were trained by instructors from the revolver-era, to rebuild their shooting platform and discard many of the older techniques that actually inhibit speed and accuracy with semi-automatic pistols. The overall goal was to create a standardized firearms training program that was built around the latest scientific and athletic research to help officers all increase their speed and accuracy, and at the same time increase their mental focus during high-stress situations. Accomplishing this goal had the added, unintended benefit of lowering the probability of liability by giving officers faster, clearer decision-making ability.  

​​Charlotte regional law enforcement instructors attending D.R.A.W. School at Central Piedmont Comm. College

After two-years of development, D.R.A.W. School represents an advancement in firearms training that is the most effective way to train officers and keep them engaged in the training process on a regular basis. The training methodology was designed to be simple, easy to follow, and highly effective. Techniques are mastered through short, focused training sessions giving officers skills they can use immediately upon completion of each segment. Regardless of age, sex or physical ability, the fact that D.R.A.W. School is based on the processes of how the brain and body work, it is equally effective for every officer that enters the course. It is the first firearms training program for law enforcement that offers a truly standardized training format. It is also the first truly scalable training system that can be customized to each department and to each officer in that department.   


Early development group of law enforcement officers