Blended Stair Step Training Methodology

D.R.A.W. School is designed as a "stair step" training system where each area of instruction builds on the one prior. By breaking down complex functions and processes into focused areas of instruction, officers learn and master them quicker, making it much easier to perform at a higher level during stressful situations. D.R.A.W. School training is compatible with state and federal law enforcement training requirements and standards for all 50 states. As a dynamic dry-fire training program, there are no limitations on when and where officers can train.

"In 25 years of law enforcement experience, as an instructor and in SWAT, I have never seen a training program this comprehensive."-Maj. Bryan Z. FMPD


D.R.A.W. School Training Methodology

Over the last thirty years or more, law enforcement firearms training has been comprised of a combination of training styles and shooting techniques. Some of these techniques are based on old methods, or modifications of those methods, that rob officers of the natural speed, function, and agility needed to handle today's threats. Another obstacle in law enforcement firearms training is the lengthy format used by almost all programs nationwide. Many train in static environments and are taught in eight-hour blocks of instruction. Studies show that this type of continuing training is not the most effective type of adult instruction. Add in the high costs of traditional live-fire training, scheduling and manpower challenges, budget cuts, weather at outdoor ranges, EPA/OSHA regulations and restrictions for outdoor ranges and more, many departments are struggling to keep their officers consistently trained to a higher level with their firearm..  

Firearms training is a perishable skill. Simply put, if you don't use it, you will lose it. Many officers are only able to practice with their firearm a few times a year or only shoot during qualifications. If officers are not continuously training with their firearm, their ability to to use it in an effective manner will diminish rapidly in a short period of time. Don't be fooled; allowing weeks and months to go by between training sessions seriously impacts an officer's proficiency with a firearm. 

D.R.A.W. School was developed to solve each of these challenges in a standardized training format. It is built around a highly-effective, proprietary instructional methodology that can be inserted into any department's current firearms training program. The "hybrid" training system is designed to help departments train their officers effectively, efficiently and economically. D.R.A.W. School uses short, continuous training cycles to help each officers master the use of their firearm and then apply what they learn. This helps them to increase their speed for every function, increase their first and follow-up shot accuracy, as well as increase their level of safety when using their firearm. Just like many elite athletes are trained to maximize the body's natural mechanics to increase speed and function, D.R.A.W. School trains officers in a very similar fashion. It breaks down multiple complex processes into easy to understand steps that are mastered in the correct sequence.