D.R.A.W School is honored to be featured in a 2-page article in the March issue of Law Enforcement Technology magazine. Many thanks to the LET editorial staff for traveling to Milwaukee to attend a training and learn more about D.R.A.W. School firsthand. Click on the magazine cover to the right to read the full article on Officer.com. 

D.R.A.W School is honored to be featured in a 4-page article in the May 2016 issue of Police magazine. This article goes deep in the development and science of D.R.A.W. School and why it is such a successful training program. Also featured was a brief article on BarrelBlokā„¢. Click the magazine cover to the left to read the full article on Policemag.com. 


Kevin Michelowski, Editor-in-Cheif of the award-winning Concealed Carry Magazine and a sworn law enforcement officer in Wisconsin, recently went through D.R.A.W. School and shares one of his many takeaways on a recent episode of "Into The Fray".

As D.R.A.W. School continues to grow across the country, the news and media outlets in the law enforcement community are taking note. The D.R.A.W. School team is very honored that highly esteemed trade journals and other media outlets have written articles on the effectiveness of the D.R.A.W. School training program.