Patrol rifles, or carbines, are quickly becoming standard equipment in departments across the country. Rifles are no longer just for tactical teams or supervisors. They are quickly finding their way into the hands of many patrol officers. With today's threats and recent terrorism events dictating this change, the need for focused training with a rifle is more important than ever before. While rifles help to level the field against many of the threats encountered today, they are more complicated and harder to manipulate than handguns. This requires a greater understanding of this weapons platform in all areas to ensure it is used in a safe and effective manner. This makes training with a rifle just as important as training with a handgun. Just as with handgun training, the D.R.A.W. School Rifle Training course is designed to help officers learn how to interface with a rifle using the proprietary D.R.A.W. School training methodology.  

Many of the traditional methods of instruction on shooting a rifle often times impede the ability of an officer to quickly move, acquire targets and engage when needed, all while maintaining situational awareness in a hostile environment. D.R.A.W. School rifle training applies all of the methods and techniques used on handgun training to the long gun platform. Officers learn how to use proper body mechanics and ergonomics to correctly interface with the system so they can quickly and accurately deploy it. Through dry-fire exercises, the techniques used to manipulate a rifle are quickly learned and the skill-set is sharpened to an instinctive level. The level of training received allows departmental live-fire training exercises to be much more effective, focused and shorter in duration.     

"I learned more in two days than I did in five days of patrol rifle instructor training at the justice academy."    - Sgt. J. Baird, FMPD 

Now Available!

The D.R.A.W. School Rifle Instructor Training, which is a 3-day instructor school, is now available. Click on Course Schedule page for dates & info.  

Officers learn how to use their rifle and perform all functions with both hands and with each hand individually allowing them to operate their rifle effectively in any environment.

Training is realistic, dynamic and challenging, both individually and working in a team setting.