TRU-SPEC has been the official uniform of D.R.A.W. School since its inception. Offering a broad range of uniforms and apparel to fit any need, TRU-SPEC gets the job done in any situation! For more information, please visit

Phalanx Defense Systems provides D.R.A.W. School instructors with the best in lightweight, buoyant armor plates, the DKX series. From rifle plates to super lightweight  pistol plates, DKX provides unmatched protection. 

Salomon Forces  are the official boots of D.R.A.W. School, featuring the renowned Forces line of boots. From the Quest to the Speed Assault, Salomon Forces combine support and speed with all-day wearability. Visit  

USA Tactical Firearms custom builds all of the rifles utilized in the D.R.A.W. School Carbine course. With a custom shop in Statesville, NC, USATF has the ability to build tactical rifles to fit any application. For more information, visit  

D.R.A.W. School is truly honored to have the following sponsorships from our industry partners. These companies represent the finest in innovation in each area and we are proud to us their products in our training courses throughout the country! 

Magnetactical is the extra set of hands needed in a high-stress situation when you only have one hand! From reloading to searching, Magnetactical makes it all much easier. Designed by a LE veteran, it will change the way you use your duty belt! Visit

We are proud to partner with Giving Back To Local Heroes to assist officers and instructors from small departments that have budgetary constraints to attend the DSIT course to become certified instructors. Through their support, our training has the ability to reach more departments. 

There is not an easier, safer or more effective way to train with your firearm than using BarrelBlokā„¢.  It will change the way you train and the effectiveness of your training, all without inducing training scars. For more information, visit